Don't be a pretzel.

You don’t have to turn into something wonky or twisted to attract business. Unify your messaging and discover new opportunities with our clarifying process.

Does this sound like you?

You're starting a business, and you are overwhelmed. How do you create your brand assets and put it all together? Where do you start?

You're a solopreneur juggling many balls in the air, also trying to build your business brand, and not get lost in the fog of so many trends.

You are new to business, and everyone keeps telling you how important your brand is, but you are not clear on what that even means.

You've been in business for a while, and you're ready for a rebrand - enough of the patchwork quilt that is your brand identity. You want to align it all and make it cohesive.

You're multi-passionate and have a hard time explaining what your business and brand is. You want your work to be seen in the world, not get lost in the noise.

Learning about my archetypes and how they play into my branding and messaging gave me that tipping point of permission I needed to really bring more of myself and my voice into my brand.

–Starr Sheppard-Decker, Coach & Founder
Radical Revelations

Get to the core of your brand’s why and stand out from the crowd.

Brand Genesis is a series of in-depth conversations to clarify your business’s why and focus your messaging and branding.

These conversations are aimed at helping you move your business forward with clarity, confidence, and focus about your brand. We do this through weaving psychology and archetypes, and how they apply to your business and its brand.

I was blown away with how helpful Brand Genesis was and how it has helped me strike the right chord with my audience. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to build a solid foundation for their business's brand.

–Sam Salenger, Empowerment Coach
Women in Midlife

How does Brand Genesis help?

Bringing clarity in the creation of your brand identity.

Connecting to your target audience’s motivations and needs.

Creating affinity, recognition, and trust.

Capturing the essence of your brand.

Resolving brand and marketing inconsistencies.

Creating congruence and consistency in your messaging.

Focusing your marketing efforts.

Unifying the direction for businesses in either start-up or transition phases.

Uncovering unidentified roadblocks or opportunities in your business strategy.

Brand Genesis is a clarity compass for your business.

Ready to get the conversation started? Let's hop on a call and begin the 'unpretzel' process.

The conversation left me energized for my website makeover, but it also gave me much more than ideas for text and images. It gave me focus and a whole narrative from which to draw when presenting myself and what I stand for to others.

–Sundee Frazier, Writer
Author of Brendan Buckley's Universe

What are Brand Archetypes and why do they matter?

Today people are savvier, but also skeptical and with less attention bandwidth. Still, they want authenticity, integrity, and accountability from businesses. They seek meaning and connection, not only in their personal relationships, but also from businesses. More than ever, brands that flourish are the ones that solve emotional needs from their clients.

All of your offers of products and services are just the tip of the iceberg.

Below the water level, the real drivers are the brand archetypes of your business. They are the ones that inspire the actions you take in your business. Plus it’s your brand archetypes that helps you have an emotional connection with your target audience.

Becoming conscious of what are the core archetypes running the show will help you work more effectively in crafting your brand and also establish the best marketing path for your business.

What are archetypes?

They embody universal images, stories, and experiences that all human beings learn. Archetypes engage our imagination and dreams. They help us understand who we are, our motivations, and give us great insight into our clients’ needs and aspirations.

Brand Archetypes bridge the gap between your brand and your client.

Brand Archetypes clarify your brand’s deeper emotional why and attraction. The more congruent you are with your brand archetype, the easier it becomes to craft an authentic, aligned, trustworthy brand with its accompanying brand identity. Bringing focus and ease to your marketing efforts and congruence to your brand’s story.

Brand Genesis is how we uncover the archetypes of your business.

The Brand Genesis experience really helped bring me back into true connection with my business and a lot of my original ideas; ideas that had gotten muddled or completely lost. I also got some easy to implement tips that I started using right away!

–Amber Cook, CEO & Founder

How does Brand Genesis Work?

Brand Genesis is a 3-part series of in-depth conversations exploring the intersection of you and your business.

Brand Genesis is the marriage of psychology and archetypes to help you create a brand that is aligned, authentic, and that gives you the visibility to stand out from the crowd without losing yourself or your vision.

Together we explore the archetypal ‘why’ of your business and how that plays into your brand, clarifying your messaging and marketing efforts.

Uncovering your Brand Archetypes is a potent compass to help you see how you can align your vision, motivation and story into your messaging, service/product creation and brand identity.

Want to find out more and learn how Brand Genesis can help your business?

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