THE SOVEREIGN – Brand Archetype & Leadership

Every entrepreneur needs to tap into their inner sovereignty. The underlying archetype when it comes to all that we bring into the world is the SOVEREIGN. This archetype is more than a figurehead of king or queen, the ruler of their domain; it’s at the core of our relationship with ourselves. Because without sovereignty, we […]

THE CREATOR – Brand Archetype & Leadership

If it can be imagined, it can be created. The creator archetype often gets mistaken as the artist. The artist may be a creator, but not all creators are artists in the narrow sense of the word. Creators can take something that has been imagined and make it take shape in the outer world. They’re […]

THE LOVER – Brand Archetype & Leadership

Commit to what you love. While the Lover archetype is often seen in the cosmetics, jewelry, fashion, and travel industries, our times require us to reimagine how the Lover archetype can show up in other industries and serve as a facet of leadership. ⁠The Lover archetype is linked to all manifestations of HUMAN LOVE: parental, […]

THE JESTER – Brand Archetype & Leadership

Humor breaks barriers and builds connections. The Jester teaches us to live in the moment and lighten up the world. It desires to connect us to our desire for play, but also teach us how to turn things on their head. Underneath its humor hides the urge to speak truth to those in power and […]

THE EVERYMAN/WOMAN – Brand Archetype & Leadership

Everyone is created equal. The motto of the Everyman/Woman archetype is in tune with the simple virtue of being an ordinary person – human like all others. ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ This is the no-frills archetype. Folks who align with this archetype carry the underlying value that everyone matters. ⁠⠀ At its core is the belief that […]

THE CAREGIVER – Brand Archetype & Leadership

Action through nurturing The nurturing element that is at the core of the CAREGIVER is one belongs to every business. Creating a business requires the ability to nurture and tend to both the spirit of the business, but also one’s team, employees, and clients/customers. However, as a Brand Archetype, the Caregiver is focused primarily on […]

THE MAGICIAN – Brand Archetype & Leadership

Transforming the everyday The word Magician evokes images that span from the boy wizard, Harry Potter to The Wizard of Oz. Both images highlight the Magician archetype’s light and shadow: the true ability for magic coupled with courage that Harry Potter represents, and the idea of using magic as trickery that the man behind the […]

THE REBEL – Brand Archetype & Leadership

Disrupting the status quo There is a storming brewing, and it’s been coming for quite some time. In the last several years, our ways of governing, running businesses, and sharing resources have been showing the cracks in their foundations. While some feel that it’s best to patch it together and keep the status quo alive, […]

THE HERO – Brand Archetype & Leadership

We need heroes. The word Hero evokes images of Indiana Jones, Superman, Batwoman, Wonder Woman, and other larger than life beings able to make what no regular human could achieve. Or we hear playing inside our heads the melodic voice of Bonnie Tyler crooning about needing a strong hero, fresh from the fight in her […]

THE SAGE – Brand Archetype & Leadership

The Sage archetype can no longer hide inside the Ivory Tower of knowledge. Of all the Brand Archetypes, perhaps the one that we most need right now to help us move forward wisely is the Sage. They need to bring their knowledge and ability to make sense of the world down to the street level […]