How to successfully hire and co-create with a designer

#1 – Set them up for success. There’s a famous scene in the movie Jerry Maguire where Tom Cruise bursts out yelling on the phone with his one-and-only challenging client, played by Cuba Gooding Jr., the now-famous line: “Help me, help you!” This is a key line to think about when you’re about to hire […]

THE CREATOR – Brand Archetype & Leadership

If it can be imagined, it can be created. The creator archetype often gets mistaken as the artist. The artist may be a creator, but not all creators are artists in the narrow sense of the word. Creators can take something that has been imagined and make it take shape in the outer world. They’re […]

THE MAGICIAN – Brand Archetype & Leadership

Transforming the everyday The word Magician evokes images that span from the boy wizard, Harry Potter to The Wizard of Oz. Both images highlight the Magician archetype’s light and shadow: the true ability for magic coupled with courage that Harry Potter represents, and the idea of using magic as trickery that the man behind the […]