Your guide to a clearer vision.

Starting a business or launching a new product is an endeavor that takes many hands on deck to make it happen.

At Otterburn, we believe having good co-partners on your entrepreneurial journey is key for a business to thrive.

We understand launching and running a business is deeply challenging, but also rewarding. A business demands constant learning and many course corrections on its way towards your bigger vision.

When it comes to developing your brand, the process requires answers to some tough questions, soul searching, and ultimately learning how to navigate many unknowns.

We know this because we have been there. That’s why we have your business’ best interest at heart.

We believe that your success is also our success.

We employ a co-creative process.

Trying to it all by yourself is a disservice to you, your business, and your clients. We believe that having the right partners to help you in creating a thriving brand is the key to your success.

It's all about trust & communication.

In a culture that values a do-it-yourself mentality, being self-made, and a competitive market, it’s easy to take on the role that your business success is a solo journey. In our experience, many of our clients have come to us looking for solutions after being burned or for trying to do it all on their own, only to end up lost and frustrated in the process.

This is where trust comes in.

Trust that the recommendations and advice we give comes from a place of having your business’ success at heart. We approach life and business from the philosophy that we are stronger when we help and thrive together. We believe in a win-win approach to business as the way forward for our collective livelihood.

But for trust to have a place in business, we need communication.

We understand that your business is your precious brainchild, and that it’s often hard to find co-creative partners that get your vision. Although it’s often said that it’s not personal, just business; we firmly believe that the key elements for a successful personal relationship also apply to a business partnership. Communication being its key ingredient.

Communication helps the lines of creativity and vision stay in flow. It helps us understand not only your vision for your project, but also your business and your approach to it. It strengths the trust and achieving a win-win solution.

I found Otterburn & Co. incredibly professional. All deadlines were met, the review process easy, and I'm very happy with the results!

–Lyn Delmastro-Thompson, MA, CBP
Author of You Are Not Your Diagnosis

Our four cornerstones.


The first thing needed for the creation of any service/product is an overall picture of the business’ ecosystem. During our initial consult with you, our focus is on gaining a big picture of your business, its ecosystem, and what you would like to achieve with your brand.


During the early stages of business it’s natural to play with various looks, but as you establish yourself, it’s key to have all of your brand assets look coherent and congruent. It is part of the visual storytelling aspect of your business to show through your brand assets the logical interconnection of elements used and how they come together. We are here to help you create a brand that makes coherent and congruent sense. A coherent and congruent brand is more resonant and stands out from the crowd.


Consistency is the secret ingredient in much of the success of any business. This encompasses the look and feel of your brand. Consistency is aligned with a coherent brand design, which will help you build trust and resonate with your clients.


A well thought-out and designed brand is the visual aspect that helps you take your business further with confidence. As confidence breeds further clarity, new avenues of opportunity and expansion open up for your business. We are here to help you step it up with confidence.