Print’s our specialty. Make sure your book stands out on the shelf.
Books are often judged by their covers and first impressions make a difference. We create memorable designs working with top quality printers which best suit your needs.

The road of self-publishing has become a smoother ride. Digital technology and print-on-demand allows authors to release work out into the world much more easily.

With our nationwide network of printers we’ll work with you to choose the materials, explain the printing process, and source your final product. We’ll also make sure your project is carefully proofed before printing begins.

We often joke that we’re saving the world, one box at a time. Digital printing has been a boom for many businesses – big or small.

Packaging or box design is the art of making sure that what looks good on the screen meets the right specifications to be correctly printed. We have extensive experience in print design and expertise in printing techniques.

Helping you get the right design for your box or packaging is why we’re here.

Orphan Blade - Oni Press
Archer Coe - Oni Press
Bad Machinery Volume 2 Cover
Bad Machinery Volume 1 Cover
A Boy & A Girl - Oni Press
The Mysterious Strangers - Oni Press

I found Otterburn & Co. incredibly professional. All deadlines were met, the review process easy, and I'm very happy with the results!

–Lyn Delmastro-Thomson, MA, CBP
Author of You Are Not Your Diagnosis

Breaking Down Walls - Paulette Rees-Denis
Archer Coe - Oni Press
Astrology of Joy - Vanessa Couto
You Are Not Your Diagnosis - Lyn Delmastro-Thompson

Your book deserves to be seen.

We offer our clients this type of expertise, helping them have the label or packaging that brings their products to life, marrying design with the correct application.

Looking good on the screen isn’t enough when it comes to printing.

Know-how in taking it from the screen to printing is how we can help you and your business.

Boreal Brothers Chaga Extract
Moji Sushi Label


Metropolitan Market


Drum Roll Wine