Judging a book by its cover – one of its key assets.
Your book matters, so does it’s design. A book is more than the story it contains. Its design helps the story come alive and reach the readers you want.

One of our greatest joys in working on this sci-fi series’s book design was seeing a customer cross the crowded aisle at San Diego’s Comic-Con to check out the book.

It was confirmation that a well-designed cover and book does as much for a book’s success as a good story does.

We often joke that we’re saving the world, one box at a time. Digital printing has been a boom for many businesses – big or small.

Packaging or box design is the art of making sure that what looks good on the screen meets the right specifications to be correctly printed. We have extensive experience in print design and expertise in printing techniques.

Helping you get the right design for your box or packaging is why we’re here.

Letter 44 logo
Beyond cover and book design.

Creating a brand identity for a book gave this project added legroom for our creativity. From logo design to book and collateral merchandise are ways to showcase how much one can do with a book.

This is especially if you’re self-publishing, and you don’t want to be lackluster. Creative possibilities abound.

Letter 44 logo concept
Letter 44 logo concept
Letter 44 logo concept
Letter 44 concepts
Letter 44 Mockup
Writing your book is just the beginning.

Our book design experience comes from the magazine, the graphic novel fields, and the self-publishing market. Plus, we’re lovers of books, judging every one of them by their cover.

We believe that a well-designed book helps the story come alive and turns potential readers into buyers.

Be it eBooks or in print, the hunger for a good book hasn’t died down. If you are thinking of self-publishing your book, know that we’re here to help you bring it to life.

Letter 44 - Volume 1: Escape Velocity
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Letter 44 - Issue 1 - Inside Cover
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