THE SOVEREIGN – Brand Archetype & Leadership

Every entrepreneur needs to tap into their inner sovereignty.

The underlying archetype when it comes to all that we bring into the world is the SOVEREIGN. This archetype is more than a figurehead of king or queen, the ruler of their domain; it’s at the core of our relationship with ourselves.

Because without sovereignty, we can’t stand in integrity and step into leadership. Because behind the concept of sovereignty lies authority, it is linked to how we’re able to be the AUTHORS of our lives and creations.

Wealth is not a requirement for sovereignty, but grounded experience in a specific realm is essential. This is an archetype that is often accompanied by another: Sage-Sovereign; Creator-Sovereign; Magician-Sovereign – to name a few.

When it comes to leadership and the crisis that is inundating all spheres in our culture, the Sovereign archetype, be it in business, branding, or our personal lives is called for more than ever. At its core, the Sovereign archetype is connected to dignity, benevolence, order, serenity, and responsibility. It gifts us with a model of behavior through an aura of quality, tradition, competence, timelessness, and status.

It’s the timelessness element of the Sovereign archetype that lies at its core appeal, no matter what’s trending. When it comes to standing in integrity and being a leader worth following, we all need to remember the Sovereign archetype’s core lessons.

Working with the Sovereign archetype in your business is beyond looking at it from the luxury brand prism. It lies at the core of what each of us, business owners or not, needs to bring into our lives because it’s more than just business: it’s about the kind of citizens we need in the world.


The Sovereign’s motto is to create a prosperous, successful environment, thus bringing order to chaos. Their way of managing disorder is by taking leadership and assuming responsibility. They aren’t going to wait for others to do it for them; they’ll do it themselves.

In the face of chaos, the Sovereign will step up to the plate. In our culture, the entrepreneur has, in many aspects, the flavoring of the Sovereign – they see chaos (read need in the market), and they step up to solve that problem. Looking at the roster of many well-regarded entrepreneurs, we see how they weave both the Creator and Sovereign archetypes to lead their businesses.

Other Related Archetypes are:⁠⠀⁠⠀

*Role Model
*Responsible Citizen

⁠A word on Aristocrat. The Ancient Greeks had the concept of Areté, which meant EXCELLENCE and moral virtue, and it was intimately linked to the one’s fulfillment of purpose and function. In other words, it was a vital ingredient in how one lived to their full potential. It’s a word that lies at the root of the word ARISTOCRAT, a ruler that carries within them qualities of excellence and goodness

From this angle, the Sovereign archetype leads us to live out our purpose and approach all we do by exercising our excellence. If we want to be the best in what we do, we need to understand our Areté. If you think of brands aligned with the Sovereign archetype, they should beckon us to embrace our excellence and step into our leadership potential. Envisioning it this way, we see that it’s much more than high-end products and services. 


Exploring the shadow (challenges) of your Brand Archetype enables you to tap into hidden gems of connection with your customer base. Plus, it helps your brand become more well-rounded and keeps your business and personal development in check because shadow aspects don’t just go away. They invite constant awareness and relationship with them. Best to be aware of them, than to let them go unnoticed and underground, where they may fester and show up when least expected.

Plus, understanding how your shadows show up in your business, will give your brand a backbone and ability to stand strong against copycats and others in your field.

More importantly, understanding the shadow/challenges of a Brand Archetype can serve as a connection point. These may be the very things they are struggling with and need help healing/solving. 

⁠⁠When it comes to the SOVEREIGN archetype, these are few issues that warrant exploration:⁠

*Figurehead status

⁠In many ways, the most profound challenge for the Sovereign Archetype is POWER. It’s easy to get drunk in power and then give in to the fear of losing one’s power and control. Because of the unhealed aspects of the Sovereign’s shadow and the challenges in our culture, we’re left with a distaste for this archetype. In doing so, we miss an essential component in developing a sustainable and successful business and brand.


The strengths of a Brand Archetype are both the cornerstone of its resonance with its audience, and often where they also get stuck and unable to expand. That’s why it’s imperative that a deeper understanding of their challenges is vital. It’s in the weaving of the challenges and the strengths that your brand can find its unique way of being in the world. 

Acknowledging these will help you rethink your products, services, and your messaging. ⁠An awareness of your brand archetype’s strength is an acknowledgment of what is already inherently attractive about your business/product/service. The exploration of your Brand Archetype’s strength is an ongoing spiral journey of discovery that informs every facet of your business. The more you dig into your Brand Archetype strengths, the more unique and robust you can stand in your field. 

Here are a few strengths for the SOVEREIGN archetype:⁠

* Authority (Timeless and from deep experience)⁠
* Stability (Consistent and not just following trends)⁠
* Benevolence (Sacred Commerce and generosity)⁠
* Responsibility ⁠

The strengths of this archetype should permeate every aspect of a business, beyond branding. Especially true in terms of responsibility (ability to respond); generosity and through making business sacred again, beyond a mere financial transaction. 

Brands that align with the Sovereign Archetype have to lead by example and be impeccable in how they appear in the market. Their services or products are also teaching tools to help others connect with their excellence and inner sovereign. 

Because every business now needs to embrace doing good not only for their bottom line or their shareholders but also for society and the planet. And for that, we need better sovereigns. 

This is leadership through EXCELLENCE.  

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