THE CREATOR – Brand Archetype & Leadership

If it can be imagined, it can be created.

The creator archetype often gets mistaken as the artist. The artist may be a creator, but not all creators are artists in the narrow sense of the word. Creators can take something that has been imagined and make it take shape in the outer world. They’re magicians of the imagination. Able to see beyond the materials or problems in front of them, and synthesize a third.

Creators are alchemists of thesis and anti-thesis, able to bring into the world a different synthesis.

No matter what your business is, you’re stepping into the CREATOR realm. Because your business is an aspect of your self-expression, calling you to tap into your imagination and figure out new solutions to old problems. No matter what your business is about, as a creator, you intend to bring something of value into the world, while expressing your vision.

In times like these, we’re all being called to step into (or awaken) our creator selves and find innovative solutions to complex and nuanced problems. When it comes to your business and its brand, remember this: you are doing the balancing act between creating and being created. You create your business, but on the same token, your business creates you. This knowledge is vital to understanding how your creator self informs your leadership style.

When it comes to leadership, the Creator Archetype helps us activate our IMAGINATIVE CAPACITIES, which are often dormant in our current culture. By leading through example, your brand can bring value and awaken others to activate their creative abilities.


The motto for the Creator is first and foremost self-expression. It wants to bring into the world its unique way of tapping into the imaginative world and bringing new solutions and ways of being. At its core, the Creator Archetype is non-conformist, and it’s about not fitting in. However, they choose to bring their creativity into being; its essential message is: I’m imaginative and different.

They come alive when dismantling old structures because they inherently know that the structure determines how the vision will manifest, so often, their way of doing things is by breaking it down. To the untrained eye, that may look like chaos, but the Creator Archetype knows that chaos and creation go hand-in-hand.

Other Related Archetypes are:⁠⠀⁠⠀

*Artist / Musician / Writer
*Entrepreneur / Solopreneur

⁠The attractor of this Brand Archetype is how it inspires us to take a closer look at ourselves as creatives, able to envision and manifest in our own lives. The Creator Archetype inspires us to reinvent ourselves while empowering us to make changes in our lives and our world. 

Another motivation of the Creator Archetype and where it reveals some of its leadership is in how it looks to improve and expand its skills, acquiring or perfecting them. It hungers for knowledge that complements and assists its visionary sense. It understands that applied knowledge is what enables them to bring things into being. They’re pragmatist learners and lead us to explore new avenues of doing things.

They’re often unsuspecting leaders, because they often lead by their very example, not being as intentional as often is the case when it comes to leadership. Their style of leadership is motivational and inspired by how they do things. The lead, others may follow if so inspired.


Exploring the shadow (challenges) of your Brand Archetype enables you to tap into hidden gems of connection with your customer base. Plus, it helps your brand become more well-rounded and keeps your business and personal development in check because shadow aspects don’t just go away. They invite constant awareness and relationship with them. Best to be aware of them, than let them go unnoticed and underground, where they may fester and show up when least expected.

Plus, understanding how your shadows show up in your business, will give your brand a backbone and ability to stand strong against copycats and others in your field.

More importantly, understanding the shadow/challenges of a Brand Archetype can serve as a connection point with your audience. These may be the very things they are struggling with and need help healing/solving. 

⁠⁠When it comes to the CREATOR archetype, these are few issues that warrant exploration:⁠

*Depression post creation (failure to make meaning)
*Fear of mediocrity
*Judgment (Inner Critic)

⁠In many ways, the most profound challenge for the Creator Archetype is itself. Through some of the difficulties listed above, the Creator may abort its creations and ultimately disservice itself and others. Daily, the Creator Archetype dances between inspiration to move forward and paralyzing fear of bringing their visions to life.  

A way to counter this shadow aspect is by acknowledging the courage it takes in just showing up to the ’empty page.’ It’s in facing its own shadow that some of the most vital leadership aspects of this archetype are revealed. When it comes to the Creator archetype leading by example and sharing its vulnerability in facing its own shadow, they become ever more resonant and attractive within their field.


The strengths of a Brand Archetype are both the cornerstone of its resonance with its audience, and often where they also get stuck and unable to expand. That’s why it’s imperative that a deeper understanding of their challenges is vital. It’s in the weaving of the challenges and the strengths that your brand can find its unique way of being in the world. 

Acknowledging these will help you rethink your products, services, and your messaging. ⁠An awareness of your brand archetype’s strength is an acknowledgment of what is already inherently attractive about your business/product/service. The exploration of your Brand Archetype’s strength is an ongoing spiral journey of discovery that informs every facet of your business. The more you dig into your Brand Archetype strengths, the more unique and more robust you can stand in your field. This is especially true with the Creator Archetype, its need to be in constant dialogue with the powers of imagination. 

Here are a few strengths for the CREATOR archetype:⁠

*Developed aesthetic
*Nonlinear thought
*Thinking outside the box (noncomformist)
*Creating structures that influence culture and society

⁠Understanding your Brand Archetypes’ strengths is discovering what makes your brand attractive. It also what helps your clients/customers connect with your business. They either see their strengths reflected in your brand or see their potential, what they would like to be in such reflection. ⁠⠀⁠⠀

As a leader, the Creator Archetype is successful t’s the more it lives by example. If this is your Brand Archetype, more than any other, you need to be in constant dialogue with your imagination, working through your shadow aspects, and thus leading by example.

This an archetype that can guide others through an ever-evolving process of: 

*Acknowledging the flashes of intuition/imagination
*Following through with the hunches
*Allowing ways and means of self-expression and bringing visions to manifestation

This is leadership by example.  

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