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The word Magician evokes images that span from the boy wizard, Harry Potter to The Wizard of Oz. Both images highlight the Magician archetype’s light and shadow: the true ability for magic coupled with courage that Harry Potter represents, and the idea of using magic as trickery that the man behind the curtain, the wizard of Oz expresses.

This duality inhabits the Magician archetype, be it in the stories, but also as brand archetypes. At its core, the Magician transforms reality through changing consciousness. Inherent in this power is the power to heal through this shift of reality.

In a world that is both attracted and yet unsure how to bring magic in every day fully, the Magician archetype is poised for a creatively challenging road to leadership. In large part, entrepreneurs embody the Magician archetype. But not all of them can step into leadership until they acknowledge the allure and danger of the shadow aspects of this enticing archetype.

It’s one thing to be a catalyst for change and receive its accolades. But it’s a different matter if one’s charisma and charm aren’t countered with ethical boundaries, as well, as keeping in check their Ego strength. As leaders, the Magician’s journey is a dance between developing their vision and taking responsibility for their power to affect change in the world, while keeping hubris and unanticipated adverse consequences of their creations in check.


The motivation of the MAGICIAN is to learn and exercise their knowledge of how things work to bring change to the world. Brands that embody the Magician create products and services that create magical moments and transformative experiences for the niche. The goal of this Brand Archetype is to make their visions come true and make ideas manifest. These goals should feature prominently in their services, products, and messaging. ⁠⠀

Other related archetypes:⁠

  • Alchemist⁠⠀
  • Innovator⁠⠀
  • Catalyst⁠⠀
  • Visionary⁠

Brand Archetypes are multi-valent, and there are many subdivisions within a core archetype. These bring nuances to both the gifts and challenges of the core archetype. In the case of the Magician archetype, these other related archetypes shift consciousness and effect transformation with a slight, but essential, expressions. For a more focused understanding of a business’ Brand Archetype, a more-in-depth exploration must take place.


In facing one’s own shadow and challenges is part of the heroic journey of each Brand Archetype. ⁠Facing up to the shadow elements of this Brand Archetype is vital in developing its leadership. The shadow aspects reveal the underbelly of the business world and many of the entrepreneur superstars and their brands. It’s a list that shows the monstrous face of even our economic system and its leaders.

But these challenges reflect not only the inherent shadow of the Magician Brand Archetype but also the very thing its products or services could be helping their clients tackle. ⁠

The challenging shadow aspects of the Magician are:⁠

  • Manipulation⁠⠀
  • Hubris (too much pride)⁠⠀
  • Trickery⁠⠀
  • Misuse of charisma⁠⠀
  • Tempted by the power of persuasion⁠

This archetype can just as easily fall under their spell, as bring others with them. These challenges can also be seen in many of the more established brands. Many, when unchecked, have fallen prey to their hubris and misuse of their power in the market to miss opportunities for growth and development. Some had to come down from their pedestal because of not being able to put themselves in check when it came to facing their shadow. ⁠


The strengths of a Brand Archetype need to feature prominently in their services, products, and messaging. This is their attractive allure and north star.⁠ These strengths are what make the Magician Brand Archetype — well — magical (pun intended.) Archetypes are the attractors of consciousness, and if your Brand Archetype is the Magician, you will want to have your services, products, and messaging in congruence with this archetype.

Further developing and stepping into these strengths are also the path towards expressing leadership both in the market, but also as a business.

When it comes to THE MAGICIAN, their strengths are:⁠

  • Transformation⁠⠀
  • Visioning⁠⠀
  • Knowledge⁠⠀
  • Perceptive⁠⠀
  • Broad Perspective⁠

Use these as core themes to be explored in business meetings and when setting up your plan for the coming months and even years. Be sure to discuss these with your team and see how they see their strengths aligning with these. These strengths should also be part of your business mission statement and plan. ⁠⠀

In a world that is struggling with the weight of people and ideas being ever more entrenched and polarized, the Magician Brand Archetype can bring world services and products that evoke a shift of consciousness and mindset would be a welcome breath of fresh air. The Magician has the power not only to transform but also to inspire a culture towards potent mindset shifts.

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